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If you find any links not working correctly please report them to the current club webmaster as soon as possible

Wood Toy News - Newsletter of Mostly pushing their own plans but has some interesting articles, jigs, etc. Worth a look come Country Hope and Christmas time.

Turning Tops - AAW FUNdamentals publication on tops

Tips for Demonstrating - some very useful tipswhich should be followed when doing public demos.

Celtic Knot Pen - creating and turning a Celtic knot pen blank

Making Unique Pens - a Power Point presentation by Kurt Hertzog. This is a great source of information and inspiration for pen makers

Checker and Curve Technique - Shows the construction of a hollow vessel with a checker and curve pattern

Cynthia Gibson Pyrography - Kobeshi Dolls, very talented lady.

Caring for your Lathe. An article on lathe maintenance.

Sharpening Turning Tools - Comprehensive AAW FUNdamentals publication on all facets of tool sharpening

Vacuum chucking - Comprehensive article and instructions for building a vacuum chucking system.

Bowl Gouges - a comprehensive article on bowl gouges by the 'inventor' of the superflute, Roy Child.

Shadow Sphere Jig - a link to David Reed Smith's website describing a jig to turn accurate spheres using a shadow while turning.

Blast It! - Handout from sand blasting demo by Tony Smith.

Glue Testing - By Fine Woodworking. A comprehenive test of various wood glues using various woods and joint qualities. Some surprising results

Livos Brochure - Inside of the Livos Brochure

Livos Products - Angela Peruzzi's presentation on Livos products

Food Safe Finishes - AAW Article

Arty-Crafty Woodturning - Jenny Startbuck's site (Link). Has some excellent info on decorating pieces, stains and dyes, piercing, inlay, etc.

Wood Dust Health Concerns -

Be aware of the issues around wood dust and your lungs.

Listing of Hundreds of Timbers and their Toxicity -

Have a look for the timbers you have in your pile

Wood Allergies and Toxicity -

More information and worth a read.

Sharpening Angles -

A guide to appropriate angles and shapes to use when sharpening woodturning tools, plus a handy template

Toxic Timbers by Gary Bidgood

Know if the timber is toxic before you

start turning.

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