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Working with Wood

Walnut and Maple Segmented Bowl - Stop motion video by Frank Howarth

Segmented Bowl - another entertaining video by Frank Howarth showing how he constructs his bowls.

Turning a Sphere - Excellent video on turning a sphere freehand. Demonstration at Detroit Area Woodturners.

Sanding Jig for Segmented Turning - 2 part video by Gordon Rock.

How to turn Banksia Pods - Youtube clip of a demonstration at Long Island Woodturners.

Pole Lathe Turning. A Youtube video on English pole turner Robin Wood who turns using traditional methods and makes traditional items for daily use.

Turning a Coloured Rim Platter - Jimmy Clewes demo for Mid Maryland Woodturner's Club.

Turning a Square Oriental Box - Jimmy Clewes demo for Mid Maryland Woodturner's Club.

Japanese Doll makers - two videos

Link to 1

Link to 2

Shawo wooden bowl making - Youttube video on traditional pedal lathe bowl turning in China

Celtic Knot Tutorial - Tutorial by Joe Giannina with Jingoistic GBA introduction.

Merry-Go_Round Video - KWTG group project for the 2006 Australian Woodturning Exhibition

Stopping the wobbles - Brendan Stemp

Chucking Wood - Very informative video  on various chucking methods. By Mike Peace of Gwinnet Woodworkers



Bandsaw Clinic with Alex Snodgrass - Fantastic Carter video on setting up your bandsaw


Robbo's series on disassembling and reassembling chucks:

  1. The tools you need

  2. Vicmarc

  3. Teknatool

Turning a Hollow form using David Ellsworth Olander tools. Video by Carl Jacobson of The Woodshop TV

Piercing your turning  - An AAW video featuring Joey Richardson

Using a camera for hollowing - How to use a small camera to visualise wall thickness when turning hollow forms

Pyrography for woodturners - Demonstration by Molly Winton at the Mid-Maryland Woodturning Club

Relief Carving for woodturners - Demo by Dixie Biggs at the Mid-Maryland Woodturning Club.

    Part 1

    Part 2


3-2-1 Woodturner's Finish - Demo at Detroit Area Woodturners

Livos  - Short  movie on Livos products as shown at the Livos demo

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